My Closet + Brandy Baird

For the rider who wants to enjoy the day without spending a lot of time or money on his or her attire, we offer inspiration on being creative with your own closet.  We’ve asked some of our Huntsville neighbors to rummage through their duds, and see what they can put together.  First up, Tweed Ride Huntsville organizer, Brandy Baird.

My husband and I moved to Huntsville in February.  We had been in Tampa for two years, and Washington, D.C. for eleven years before that.  The D.C. Metro area has amazing thrift stores.  Many of the items I’ve pulled together came from Goodwill (an amazing resource for Tweed Ride apparel).  Some things are borrowed from my husband’s side of the closet, some are made by me.  Most of the items are basic pieces, combined in a way I might not usually consider.  One of my favorite bits was making an old tie of my husband’s feel special with a snazzy fishbone knot.