Tweed Ride Huntsville was established in 2017. This ride was inspired by an amazing experience of the Dandies and Quaintrelles D.C. Tweed Ride, which in turn was inspired by the original Tweed Run in London, England.  In 2009, three hundred tweed clad cyclists took to the streets of London; since then, Tweed Runs and Rides have spread all over the world.  Each ride has its own style and personality.  If you have seen one, you certainly have not seen them all!  From London to Oslo, D.C. to Tokyo, Portland to Ballarat, Madrid to Copenhagen, San Francisco to Huntsville, there is a Tweed Ride waiting to welcome you with scratchy arms open wide!  We would love to have you as part of our tweedy family, and would be happy to connect you to another.


Brandy Baird

Founder, Tweed Ride Huntsville