A Tweed Ride is, among other things, a time to be sartorially splendid. Some of the most popular pieces for these events are:

  • Tweed Suits
  • Secret Pants!
  • Corded Trousers
  • Knickerbockers, Plus Twos and Plus Fours
  • Knitted Vests and Waistcoats
  • Vintage Varsity Sweaters
  • Velvet Jackets
  • Capes
  • Wool Skirts
  • Bowties
  • Bowlers, Boaters, Panamas, Flat Caps, Derbys, Fedoras, Top Hats, Cloches, Tam-o-Shanters and Cycling Caps

This list is only the beginning. Be it Steampunk, Victoriana, Dark Academia, Dapper Flapper, Collegiate, Country House Party, or simply Engineer with a Willing Spirit and Argyle Socks, your interpretation of dapper attire is welcome. Our ride is in late autumn, so be sure to watch the weather, and equip yourself with appropriate outerwear. We simply cannot wait to see Huntsville’s Tweed Ride Style!

For further inspiration: